The Maplewood Family




    Whether you're remodeling or building a new home Maplewood has the knowledgeable staff that will help you build the kitchen or bath you've always wanted.  We are a family owned and operated retailer and design studio.  We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and professional services to our customers. 


We understand the demands of our customers and their budgets.  At Maplewood we offer affordable cabinetry that is also high in quality.  Our installers are also highly skilled and customer friendly and should meet any needs you have during the install process.  Anytime you buy from the Maplewood family, you become part of it.  Come in and meet us in person!




He is co-owner of Maplewood Cabinets and has been working in cabinetry and other housing industries for years.  He has been involved in real estate as well as house inspections and brings experience and attention to detail to the Maplewood store.  He has designed many kitchens and baths and would love the opportunity to work with you.



She is co-owner of Maplewood Cabinets and has years of experience in designing interiors in homes.  She has a great eye for interiors and adds both style and comfort to kitchens and baths.  Her years spent attending art school has given her an amazing ability to conceptualize and transform a house into a warm and welcoming home. 




The newest member of the Maplewood team he brings a vast background from many different industries to the company.  He has always enjoyed working with people and strives to always be available to any customers.  He works hard to communicate with new clients and spread the word about what's becoming a favorite place to transform your home. 

He's currently working in the New England area spreading the word about Maplewood.




Shannon is a valued member of the team and often the first contact for customers.  She works hard to ensure the often overlooked details of the operation are taken care of.  She'll make sure you're headed in the right direction. 

She's anxiously awaiting the new Maplewood family member she's bringing into the world.  Don't forget to offer your congratulations!

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